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What Kinds of Training?

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Does your dog growl, lunge, and bark at other dogs?  Do you feel embarrassed when you take your dog for walks?


I can help teach them to ignore other dogs, walk calmly by your side, and relax so you can both enjoy your walks more.

Basic Manners 

Does your dog jump on people?  Pull on the leash? Ignore you when called? Are they unable to focus? 


I can help your dog learn to greet people politely, walk with a loose leash, focus on you instead of their environment, and come when called. 

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Puppy Training

Does your puppy have accidents in the house? Chew on things they shouldn't?  Nip at people?  Ignore you?  Play keep away? 


I can help them learn to use the bathroom outside, chew on toys only, greet people politely, respond when given cues, and drop things when asked to. 

Shy and Fearful

Does your dog shy away from, or bark at, strangers?  Is it difficult or embarrassing to go places outside of your home?  

I can help you and your dog build confidence to handle new and old situations calmly.  Through positive reinforcement, your dog can learn a positive response to things they once thought were scary. 

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And so much more!

build your custom package around any training goals.


Ready for change?

I can help.

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