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Training Model and Cost

Getting Started

Training consultation and meet and greet - $225

We will start by scheduling a 90 min training consultation.  During this consultation we will talk about the training goals you have, any unwanted behaviors you are seeking to modify, and work together to develop a training plan together. 

*Payment for training plan is due in full at consultation. 

Training Sessions

In every training package, there will be a mix of  

Dog Training sessions  and  Human Training sessions.

What is a Dog Training session?

A 1 hour session where your trainer works one-on-one with your dog (your presence is not necessary).


What is a Human Training session?

A 1 hour session where your trainer works with you and your dog to teach you how to maintain and progress the skills your dog is already learning in dog training sessions. 


Each week we will schedule 2 or 3 dog training sessions, and one people training session.  The length of our training package will be determined by your training goals discussed in the consultation.  Every package requires a minimum of 3 weeks of training. 


This model has been proven to be accelerate both the human's and the dog's learning and create more successful outcomes long-term. 

Cost per week

2 dog training  + 1 human training session - $500

3 dog training+ 1 human training session - $600

*minimum of 3 weeks required for all training packages. 


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