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What People Say

Brenna is awesome! She took my crazy three month old Viszla and transformed her into a well behaved young lady (anyone who knows the breed understands the impossibility of this). Brenna is fantastic to work with, super flexible works well with our slightly crazy schedule.  Highly recommend giving her a couple weeks with your baby and you will see immediate changes.  We went from wondering if we had made a mistake, to having a new favorite child.

Michelle S

"Brenna is so great! We got our pandemic pup, a rescue who, although we got her at 5 months old, had developed major stranger anxiety. We worked on some of the ways that fear was manifesting (barking at the door and mail-person was a major one). Brenna gave us humans the tools and confidence we needed to handle and change those behaviors. She gave our dog a huge confidence boost to the point that I feel comfortable taking our girl out and about around strangers without her cowering behind me! And she barely notices the mail delivery anymore. Brenna is reliable, flexible and effective. I definitely recommend her!"

Annsley S

I originally thought my pitbull had uncorrectable dog aggression, but after my initial meeting with Brenna we found that was not the case. My dog has lots of social anxiety around other dogs, but through this positive reenforcement training I have seen a substantial behavioral change. My favorite part about Brenna's training is that it was just like any other normal walk around my neighborhood, and not in a pet store. This let my dog and myself be in a more comfortable mindset, being that we were use to the environment so it made the training more applicable. Throughout our walk, we ran into many dogs and Brenna was able to teach me how to interact with my dog to calm her down and get her to focus on me. Brenna has also provided me with tips and tricks for moving forward, such as different treat rewards, advice on collars, and how to handle sensory overload situations. Brenna provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where I can reach out to her when need be; for questions or to schedule sessions in my own time.

Rachel S


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