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Basic Manners

Does your dog . . .

  • Jump on people?

  • Pull you on walks?

  • Chew things up when you’re gone?

  • Bark excessively?

  • Lunge at other dogs when on-leash?

  • Ignore when you call them?

Training can help . . . 

  • Greet people politely​

  • Walk with a loose leash

  • Feel more calm when left alone

  • Practice relaxation

  • Focus on you instead

  • Excitedly come running when called

Are there a specific (or several) behaviors you wish your dog was better at?  Have you tried to make progress in certain areas, but have not seen the success you hoped for?  Whether you want you dog to come consistently when called, greet guests politely, or maintain a loose leash on walks, we can build a custom training plan to meet your obedience goals. 


Ready for change?

I can help.

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