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Puppy Training

Does your puppy . . . 

  • ​Have accidents in the house?

  • Chew on furniture?

  • Nip during play?

  • Jump on people when excited?

  • Ignore you?

  • Play keep away?

Training can help them . . . 

  • Use the bathroom outside

  • Chew on dog-appropriate items only

  • Practice calm behavior

  • Wait for an invitation to greet people

  • Follow through when given cues

  • Drop items when told to

Positive Puppy Prep

Through in-home puppy training and field trips, we will normalize other dogs and people, expand on potty training, leash walking, and crate training. We will help with chewing, basic cues, impulse control, and any other behavior concerns that come up.


2 Coaching sessions 

8 Day Training sessions 

2 Transfer sessions

1 Check-in sessions 

total: $2,340

*Please purchase and schedule a consultation first/separately.


Puppy Primer

Lay the Foundation for a Well-Behaved Pup! If your puppy needs extra socialization or training, we can meet those needs through in-home training. We’ll come to your home for each hands-on training session, and take your puppy on field trips to get comfortable with their new skills out in the world. Then we’ll transfer your puppy’s new professionally trained skills to you.


4 coaching sessions 

12 Day training sessions 

3 Transfer sessions 

1 check-in session

Total: $3,600

*Please purchase and schedule a consultation first/separately.


Premium Puppy 

Elevate Your Pup’s Training to New Heights. Invest in your puppy’s future and set them up for a lifetime of good behavior with our Premium Puppy Package. Through in-home training and field trips, my step-by-step guidance, practical tips, and real-world scenarios will help you navigate the challenges of puppyhood with confidence.

Included :

5 Coaching sessions

15 Day Training Sessions

4 Transfer Sessions

2 Check-in sessions

Total: $4,680

*Please purchase and schedule a consultation first/separately.


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